1. Proposals represent our understanding of the project as communicated to us by the Client and provide an estimate of the fees and costs to complete the project. All fees and costs are estimates and invoices will reflect the actual time and costs chargeable to the project.
  2. This estimate is for the project as outlined in the Proposal. Changes in the scope or nature of the project by the Client will necessarily cause this estimate to change. The client will be responsible for the additional charges that may result from making said changes to the project.
  3. Fees and expenses will be billed monthly and are payable upon presentation. We expect payment no later than fifteen (15) days from the invoice date. We reserve the right to postpone or defer providing additional services or to discontinue our service if billed amounts are not paid when due.
  4. In addition to fees and costs, in the event the Client fails to pay invoices in a timely manner and it becomes necessary to initiate collection actions, the client will also be responsible for the payment of all costs associated with collection, including attorney fees.
  5. Flight Path Creative will retain ownership of all work product it produces pending full payment for services rendered. In the event that work is postponed at the request of the Client, Flight Path Creative will bill Client for fees and expenses incurred thus far.
  6. Experimental work performed at Client's request, such as sketches, drawings, composition, printing or other materials shall be charged at regular rates. Sketches, copy, thumbnails or any initial work created or furnished by design firm shall remain Flight Path Creative property and no use of same shall be made, nor may ideas obtained there from be used, except upon compensation to be determined by Flight Path Creative.
  7. If Client uses outside vendors that are not affiliated with Flight Path Creative, Client will take full responsibility for any errors or mistakes made by that vendor. At the point that electronic original files are released to the Client, Flight Path Creative will not be held responsible for quality, errors or mistakes of project. If Client's vendor needs alterations, corrections or any additional work done to files furnished, Client understands Flight Path Creative will charge its regular rate for the additional services.
  8. Engaging Flight Path Creative to carry out any assignment or project shall not confer upon the Client any rights to its intellectual property. Furthermore, Flight Path Creative shall retain the rights to all intellectual property developed by Flight Path Creative, separate from this specific project.
  9. Concepts and know-how developed in the specific context of this project for the Client will remain the exclusive property of the Client, until such time as they may become a part of the public domain.
  10. Client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Flight Path Creative for any liability which may arise out of any materials provided by the Client for use in the project, including but not limited to, artwork, designs, plans, written materials, and photographs. Flight Path Creative agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Client for any liability which may arise out of any materials provided by FPC for use in this project, including but not limited to, artwork, designs, plans, written materials, and photographs.
  11. Flight Path Creative maintains the highest standards of client confidentiality. We do not share information regarding our clients, their plans, services, products, pricing, and policies. Client agrees to the same level of confidentiality with regard to Flight Path Creative plans, services, products, pricing, and policies.

*Packages include an initial budget. Some markets may require additional PPC dollars to receive optimal results. FPC will make recommendations as we see fit.
**Lead amount is an estimate based on market size averages.


4 Plans Available:

Rural & Metro I Plans - PDF File
Metro II & Urban Plans - PDF File

How Does It Work?

Strategy & Goals
Working closely with you, we will determine the goal of your online advertising campaign prior to outlining a strategy for our initiative.

Keywords & Ad Copywriting
Keywords and phrases will be drafted based on the research of your industry and market. The list will vary depending on the goal of the campaign, as well as the presence and success rate of your competition.

Account Setup & Implementation
We will advise on a monthly budget allocation, and assist with account & billing setup. Monthly budget allocation will be billed directly from Google to your credit card.

Conversion Tracking
Custom tracking phone numbers will be generated and implemented to capture and track calls generated by each visitor to your site via your PPC campaign.

Our team will work as necessary each month to maintain and optimize your campaign.