X Team Lead Generation Platinum

Website $95/MO
SEO $250/MO
PPC 15% Fee
of Google Ad Budget
PPC Budgets:
Requires $1,000/mo PPC Budget minimum
Requires $1,500/mo PPC Budget
500,000 Population/Market
Requires $3,000/mo PPC Budget
1,000,0000 Population/Market
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$995One Time Fee
$95For 12 Months
Build Your Local Website

Features: ROI panel, tracking phone number, landing pages optimized for SEO and PPC, visuals, geographic terms and content unique to your office location.



Strategy & Goals SEO Initial Analysis Content Development
Website Development Monthly Reporting Consultation

SEM Services:

Strategy & Goals SEO Initial Analysis Content Maintenance & Creation Referring Link Management
Unique Call Tracking Monthly Reporting ROI Measurement PPC Ad Groups
PPC Campaign Setup PPC Ad Copywriting Keyword Research PPC Display Ad Design
PPC Conversion Tracking Unique Call Tracking Monthly Reporting ROI Measurement

After the initial 12 month period, if your office is not on a PPC package, it is required that you continue the $95 monthly fee to keep your website active.

Please note, for all packages, lead volume typically takes a minimum of 90 days to reach projections

Strategy & Goal

Working closely with you, we will determine the overall goals of your campaign and create an appropriate strategy to reach them. Keep in mind that while the set up and launch of your independent website and digital advertising campaign will be completed in a matter of days, consistent lead flow requires time. We ask for a minimum of ninety (90) days to generate optimal lead numbers.

Keywords & Copywriting

Keywords and phrases will be drafted based on the research of your industry and market. The list will vary depending on the goal of the campaign, as well as the presence and success rate of your competition

Account Setup & Implementation

Your Google AdWords budget is included in your chosen SEO & PPC plan. All fees to Google AdWords are paid directly by FPC. There will be no charges to you from Google AdWords or additional fees unless agreed upon by both parties.

Conversion Tracking

Custom tracking phone numbers will be generated and implemented to capture calls generatedby each visitor to the site via your PPC campaign. We also set up tracking to analyze leads generated from your online contact form. Monthly reporting will be provided by FPC. Monthly lead numbers will be monitored and our team will work closely with you evaluate their quality and consistency over time. It is our intention to exceed lead goals every month. This is accomplished by paying close attention to your account activity and making constant adjustments to optimize your campaigns. Your feedback and input are crucial to the success of our work.