There's an App for That

Have a great idea for an app? We want to hear it!

The development team at Flight Path Creative has more than 10 years of mobile app development serving a variety of purposes and audiences for both Android and Apple operating systems. From internal scheduling applications, eCommerce solutions, or check-in and registration utilities to simple informational look-up, your options are virtually limitless.

You can view some of our apps for this and that below!

Critter Look Up

Flight Path Creative works with Critter Control's headquarters and franchises in several aspects of marketing and web services. From informative and fun mobile apps to trade show materials and logo design, FPC has found unique and modern solutions for Critter Control.


Conpoto broadened their marketing horizons with the creation of a mobile app, 60-second finished length video, collateral materials, and an updated, modern website. These marketing tools were implemented to help raise awareness and created brand recognition, impact the target audience, and boost sales.

NW MI Surgery Center iCare Patient Tracker

NW MI Surgery Center iCare Patient Tracker

Quilt Finder

Quilters will love how easy it is to find location and contact information for 2,500+ quilt shops across the United States using this app from Quilters Club of America and the publishers of Fons & Porters Love of Quilting magazine. This app makes it so quick and easy to find quilt shops nearest your current location or to research store locations in advance of your travel to different areas of the country.

Power Music

Power Music