Social Media Matters

Are potential customers finding the information or products they seek from you, or from your competitors? Social media can make all the difference in the answer.

Let's talk visibility.

Social media campaigns are an easy and cost effective way to influence your target audience. We mentioned previously the return of the demand for excellence in the consumer experience, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter play a major role in the quality of that experience.

Consumers want to easily find you, easily engage with you, and do so with as minimal hassle as possible. Product or service questions, compliments, and complaints flood through social media channels as they elicit (or are expected to elicit) the quickest response. Are you 'there' to meet the demand?

Social Reviews

Close to 90% of consumers turn to social reviews and comments before making their choice. They look to see who is talking, what's being said, and how you respond, making it more important than ever to increase the effort on your social media accounts.

When consumers come looking, are you visible? Need help crafting your social media strategy or have questions? Give us a call at 231.946.7255 or send an email to info@flightpathcreative.com.

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