Content Marketing vs. Native Marketing


Welcome to 2017!

You'll find no shortage of new marketing buzzwords and terminology in the new year and here's a few big ones: Content Marketing and Native Marketing.

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but let us set the record straight and provide you with the real deal and the real differences between these two sister strategies.

Content Marketing is content you create, customize, and adjust to the desired platform that you own; think Facebook, the company blog, or a microsite. Once customized, you implement your designed content in a cohesive cross-platform campaign. (Try saying that 3 times fast.) You own the content and you control the timing and placement of every piece of material that goes out to your target audience.

With Native Marketing, you're still creating and customizing the content for various platforms, but you're paying for sponsored space on platforms owned by someone else that already reach your target market.

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native marketing content marketing

If you're wondering why anyone would pay to place content, here's a few reasons...

Native Content Ads:
  • get 25% more views than standard ads
  • get 2% more views than editorial content
  • lead to more conversions

So which strategy should you be using? Our recommendation - both. Well designed organic content marketing only strengthens and increases the effectiveness of native marketing and vice versa!

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