Buying Behavior


Behavioral Science

We've talked to you before about the importance of providing a quality consumer experience and it turns out science agrees.  

Behavioral science studies have revealed that even while not every part of every single consumer interaction will be pleasant, there is a way to navigate through even the roughest of scenarios coming out ahead.  

Decisions & Emotion 

Everyone utilizes the "facts and figures" part of their brain when making decisions about a product or a company, but the real driving force for a consumers' (and everyone's) decision-making lies in the brain's emotional center.

Why is this important? How you communicate with your target market at every interaction is key. Have something difficult to navigate? Get it out of the way early in the conversation, hear your market, adapt and adjust to make every interaction as easy and seamless as possible. Finish every interaction with the positives, find the upsides in any scenario and make sure your customers and clients know them!

Feel it Out

When trying to improve your brand image and consumer experience, the takeaway is this: it's not what your customers know about you that makes them stay, it's how they feel

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