Before the Buy

Running a business in the Information Age has its challenges, not of the least is the increasing complexity of the consumer purchase decision. With access to limitless options consumers take their time and make informed and personal choices when trying to find the best-fit product or service.

The Consumer Purchase Decision

The average consumer now makes their decision over a 35-day period with up to 9 visits to 5 different websites. Having an easy to navigate, updated, SEO-friendly, and responsive website has never been more important. Your physical storefront (if you have one) should also be personable and easy to navigate, but 82% of consumers seek information online before setting foot in your store.

How easy should it be to locate relevant information about you and your products or services? Data shows the consumer’s entire process of gathering and comparing information is a brisk 34 minutes.

Be Visible

Want the good news? You can increase your customer base by making your business and services more visible online and offline. Creating and maintaining multiple touch points such as social media accounts, e-newsletters, a responsive website, digital advertising, or point of sale marketing strategies can increase your reach and provide the brand saturation necessary to keep you ahead of your competitors.

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