Our Work Seen in 2023 Graphic Design Trends

Our team of professional marketers, creative designers, and experienced developers are continuously learning and evolving to keep up with the hottest and latest design and marketing trends. The marketing field is an ever-evolving field that constantly embraces new styles, techniques, and technologies. At Flight Path Creative we embrace those changes to provide our clients with content that is sure to wow and engage their target audience. 

As we are now halfway through 2023, see how we have embraced and applied 2023 graphic design trends to our work. 

1. Bold & Vibrant Color Palettes 

In 2023, graphic design is all about embracing bold, vibrant colors. Designers are opting for eye-catching color combinations over muted tones. From neon hues to saturate gradients, these vibrant palettes add energy and playfulness to designs, making them stand out in a crowded digital world. 

Window Sign Designed by Flight Path Creative

2. Experimental Fonts 

Simple and mundane, sans serif fonts have been all the rage in recent years with the rise of minimalism. However, in 2023 maximalism has rebounded with more designs utilizing bold display and serif fonts. Designers are having to test how far they can push font barriers without sacrificing legibility. 

Event Digital Graphic Designed by Flight Path Creative

3. Retro Styles 

With the return of bold, vibrant colors and maximalism, designs have been featuring more 60s, 70s, and 80s vibes. Not only are we seeing it in new ad campaigns, but even clothing styles are rewinding with flare jeans and pattern styles back in. Not all brands and campaigns are able to follow this unique design style, but when done correctly, it is sure to grab people’s attention. 

Posters Designed by Flight Path Creative

4. Down to Earth 

With sustainability and environmental concerns continuing to shape our world, designers are embracing climate awareness and infusing their designs with natural elements, textures, and earthy color palettes. Bonus points for brands that choose eco-friendly packaging.

Menu Designed by Flight Path Creative