How We Designed Our Office to Streamline Productivity & Boost Creativity

Just over a year and a half ago, we moved our office space to its current location. During this process, we were able to design a brand-new office space that not only fits our growing team but also provides all the amenities and resources we need to spark ultimate creativity. 

Research has shown that office environments have a great impact on employee health, well-being, and productivity. A well-designed workspace can lead to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere, where employees feel comfortable and calm. 

So, what does our office have that makes it so special? Here is a list of our strategic office design aspects seen in our beautiful downtown Traverse City office. 

1. A Semi-Open Floor Plan 

Our office has a unique semi-open floor plan that allows our employees to easily collaborate while also having the personal space to work without distraction. Our design is truly one-of-a-kind with office spaces bordering the entire office floor. We don’t really have cubicles, but rather, small “rooms” without doors. It’s really hard to put into words, what exactly our office layout looks like, so check out the photo below to see it for yourself. 

This layout allows our employees to easily collaborate on projects, spark creativity, and increases our company culture. It is not unlikely to walk around the office and hear creative brainstorming discussions or light office laughter throughout the day. 

2. Large Windows & Tons of Natural Light 

We’ve worked in dark artificially lit offices before and trust us it’s draining. We wanted our employees to have plenty of natural light in our new office building. We were lucky enough to take over and revamp an older historic building that has giant arch windows. These windows line every side of our building and provide tons of natural light to our employees. Many of our office spaces never even turn on the artificial overhead lights during the day because there is enough natural light. 

3. Open Area with Kitchen 

The middle of our office houses an open area with a large kitchen. We love this space for so many reasons. Not only does it provide a place for our employees to store lunches and snacks, but it also offers a space to convene and communicate. We designed our kitchen with a giant island that can fit our entire staff around it. This space is perfect for employee birthday celebrations or team-bonding activities. 

4. Multiple Meeting Rooms Designed Specifically for Different Needs 

In our work collaboration is key. Not only are we collaborating internally among our teams, but we also are constantly collaborating with our clients. Therefore, during our new office design, it was important for us to create multiple collaboration spaces. We created three meeting rooms each equipped with the technology we need to work our best. In every one of our meeting rooms, we have large smart TVs that allow us to easily share our ideas, agendas, and presentations. 

5. Stocked Sips & Sweets 

A more unique offering we provide to our employees is an always fully stocked beverage fridge and candy bowls. We want to make our workplace as comfortable and accommodating as possible. Our work tasks can often be complex and demanding, and many of our employees find a creative break from enjoying a cold drink or something sweet. 

6. Employee Accommodations 

Another way we wanted to make our employees feel comfortable is by being accommodating to their work environment needs. We want our employees to feel like it is a space they can make their own. This is why we allow our employees to request office materials they need to do their work more efficiently. This could be a new mouse pad, an additional monitor, or any other reasonable request. One popular request we see at Flight Path Creative is standing desks. Many of our workers enjoy the health feature of being able to switch from sitting to standing throughout the day. 

Another employee accommodation we provide is the stress relief of furry friends. Many of our employees will bring their dogs to the office for the day or even just to visit. We love meeting our employee's furry friends and a few have even been added to our staff roster. Check out our Junior Dogveloper and Barketing specialist on our “Meet the Team” page.


7.  A Rocking Atmosphere

The last thing that makes our office so special is the upbeat and energetic atmosphere. We are constantly playing music on the overhead speakers in our office, and any employee can go to the connected iPod and change the music to their style. Another thing that adds to the energetic and upbeat vibe of our office is the modern look. Our work is always on the cutting edge of design, and we need an office space that reflects that. Throughout our office, we have modern appliances, fixtures, and more to make the space look as clean and modern as possible.