5 Social Media Post Ideas for Small Businesses in Summer

It’s officially summer in the city of our home office – Traverse City, Michigan. Which is a big deal for our small northern Michigan town. In the summer Traverse City doubles in size with tourists and seasonal homeowners. To some locals, the large influx of people is a huge pain and annoyance, but to local businesses and establishments, it is a huge revenue and business advantage. Some businesses solely rely on the summer tourist season for income. 

Many other cities across the nation are in similar positions. People tend to have more availability in the summer, making it a huge time for travel. Don’t let your small business miss out on the summer tourist advantage. One way to reach summer tourists in your area and get your business on their “must-visit” list is to ensure you have great social media marketing. Not only do you need to post original content regularly throughout the summer, but specifically marketing for the season can help you get conversions and build brand awareness. 

Social media platforms are a powerful tool if used to their full potential. They are a great place for brands to showcase their products, their story, engage with customers, and build brand loyalty. Here is our list of 10 social media post ideas brands can leverage to make the most of the summer tourist season and get more people to engage with their company. 

1. Highlight Summer-Themed Products

Share captivating visuals and descriptions of your summer-themed products or services. Whether it’s trendy summer clothes, refreshing beverages, delicious food, or outdoor equipment, creating posts that evoke a sense of summer fun is a great way to get engagement. It can also be a great time to share a limited-time product or service that is only offered in the summer months. 

Example: Animal Traps & Supplies

2. Create a Summer Contest or Giveaway

Tap into the excitement of summer by organizing a contest or giveaway. Encourage your followers to participate in a photo contest, caption challenge, share their favorite summer memories, or stop by your business. This helps increase engagement and generates user-generated content that can be shared across your brand’s social media channels. 

Example: Grand Traverse Leisure 

3. Share Outdoor Activities Your Business is Embracing

Inspire your audience to embrace the great outdoors by suggesting summer activities that align with your brand’s values. This is a great way to show the personal side of your business and to help your followers to get to know more about ‘who you are.’ Some examples are if you’re a restaurant, brewery, winery, or food brand, highlight your to-go options and suggest a picnic, or if you’re a clothing brand or boutique showcase your clothes being used on hikes, at the beach, or any other fitting setting. 

Example: Lil Bo

4. Create Summer-Themed Polls and Surveys 

Encourage interaction with your consumers by creating summer-themed polls and surveys. Ask your audience about their favorite summer destinations, food options, or weekend getaway plans. This can be shared on normal stream posts or get fun and make it into an Instagram or Facebook story. The questions can be generic and apply to your area or home state, or they can be about your products and services. Summer polls and surveys help you understand your audience better and create a sense of community among your followers. 

Example: Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry

5. Support Local Events and Festivals 

Get involved in your community by attending or even sponsoring local events and festivals happening during the summer. Summer events and festivals are a great place to get your name out and word-of-mouth marketing is an awesome tactic for small businesses. You can also share or repost information about upcoming events or partnerships you’re involved with. Show your support for the community and encourage your audience to participate, fostering a positive brand image. 

Example: Flight Path Creative

Summer presents a vibrant and exciting backdrop for brands to connect with their audience on social media. Don’t miss out on exciting consumers in your area, leverage these 5 social media post ideas and seize the spirit of the season. Remember to stay authentic and to share valuable content, then see your engagement and revenue skyrocket.